During her twenties, in her native Solingen, Germany, Renate received a set of oils and brushes that launched her on a hobby that developed into an award-winning profession.
 In 1985 she, her husband and two sons immigrated to New Jersey in the United States, and to sharpen her language skills, Renate enrolled in an art class at the local high school. Her instructors there recognized her skill and potential and directed her to the Ridgewood Art Institute where, inspired by the old masters, she perfected her traditional style under masters Helen Jacobs, Betty Kaytes, and Joe Hing Lowe.
Later, she studied privately under illustrator, Ed Tadiello. Renate's subjects include still lifes, florals, and portraits, but her passion and true expertise are revealed in her famous canine portraits.  These works of art capture the very souls of her subjects whether they are executed on canvas in oils or on parchment sketched in pencil. 
Renate maintains her membership in The American Artist Professional League, The Ridgewood Art Institute, and The Hackensack Art Club in which she served as past president for two years.

Her many awards include three Grumbacher Gold Medals. Renate captured several awards for her oils and drawings at the Dog Art Show in Wichita, Kansas, including top honors in 1999. In 2004, she accepted second place honors at the Dog Fancy Show in New York City for "Having Fun", and second place at the Wichita Dog Art show for her oil painting "Ready".

Coming full circle, Renate now inspires her students at the Saddle Brook, N.J. Community School adult art classes. Her numerous works are displayed in international galleries, including the Jewel Spiegel Gallery in Englewood, New Jersey, the Lambertville Gallery of Fine Art, New Jersey, the PS Gallery in Litchfield, Connecticut, and the Gallery Adolfs in Wuppertal, Germany. Her numerous works may be found in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and in eastern and southwestern Asia.